Freelance Hiring

Hiring talent from freelance platforms is the new trend, but very risky and involves many challenges. Fake candidates, non-verified skills, fake 5-star reviews, etc are common on these freelancing platforms. Finding the right talent among a large number of candidates is time-consuming as well as difficult task.

ImpactInsta's A.I. based SaaS helps you identify and hire the best talent for your projects using skill assessment tests and candidate skill analytics. Our goal is to help you judge a candidate thoroughly before making a hiring and onboarding decision.

Automatically assess the skills of candidates who apply for your projects, gigs using our ready-made skill assessment templates.

Invite anyone using 1-click from any platform like UpWork, Freelancer, Fiverr, LinkedIn and so on for skill assessment.

Avoid bad hirings, non-serious candidates, by judging the right candidates effectively using our cutting-edge intelligent analytics.

We also connect you with pre-screened, ready-to-start talent, which we regularly identify by closely working with EdTech training companies, colleges, etc.

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