For Startups

Hiring the right talent and building a great team is always a key challenge for startups as it's essential for their growth prospects.

However, startups face challenges like a time-consuming hiring process, a large number of applications from non-serious candidates, difficulty judging if a candidate is a right fit for your startup team, and so on.

ImpactInsta's A.I. based SaaS helps startups identify and hire the best talent for their teams using skill assessment tests and candidate skill analytics. Our goal is to help you judge a candidate thoroughly before making a hiring and onboarding decision.

Automatically assess the skills of job applicants who apply at your startup using our ready-made skill assessment templates.

Identify the right talent for your teams, by looking into the skills of candidates using our screening tests, and thought analysis A.I.

Identify the right person for your teams, by understanding candidate's aptitude, behavioral aspects using our SaaS tool.

Invite all candidates for tests using 1-click from anywhere, and track their test performance using our intuitive dashboard.

Avoid bad hirings, non-serious candidates, by judging the right candidates effectively using our cutting-edge intelligent analytics.

We also help startups with pre-screened, ready-to-join talent, which we regularly identify by closely working with EdTech training companies, colleges, etc.

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