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We have prepared this wiki for helping you improve your hiring and build a great team. We've compiled a list of facts, trends, books, softwares, learning resources and so on.

We keep an eye on latest market trends to help you make informed decisions. Some of the market trends and facts are as follows:

60% of job seekers quit filling job applications in between, because they find the job application form is too detailed, complex and time consuming. This can be one of the reason, why your company or startup is receiving less applications.

85% of candidates shape perception about your company during interview, because interview is a two-way process, and what happens, be it negative or positive, during interview is one of the key factor behind perception change. Postive perceptions about a job position or company can change to negative after a bad interview experience.

73% of women doubt if their personal information would be confidential after sharing it with HR professionals or hiring companies, and this can be one of the factor impacting women workforce participation, especially in countries ranking low on WEF's Global Gender Gap Index.

Lack of empathy, burn-out under high stress and being under-valued are top 3 reasons of employee's low performance and switching jobs.

Engaged workers leads to 21% more profitability as shown by multiple surveys. Also, one of the HR statistics in the US alone suggests that companies lose $550 billion annually, because of disengaged workers. It can be more crucial for startups and new firms.

34% of employees start looking for another job if they feel under-valued in current company. With rise in cost of hiring and training new employees it has become very important for firms to value their employees.

Using softwares to make data driven hiring decisions is on rise as this can help remove human errors, judgements and biases.

Human Resource Management by Gary Dessler provides a comprehensive review of human resource management concepts and practices. It is one of most read book by HR professionals.

The Talent Delusion by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic talks about why data, not intuition, is the key to unlocking human potential. It's key focus is on how to handle organization problems using a data driven approach.

Predictive HR Analytics by Kirsten Edwards and Martin R. Edwards is all about mastering the HR Metrics. It focuses on people-related data and gives a framework for understanding and working with people analytics using advanced statistical techniques.

HR from the Outside In by Dave Ulrich and Jon Younger provides ideas and tools that can help HR professionals make their organization effective.

The HR Scorecard by Brian E. Becker, Dave Ulrich, and Mark A. Huselid links people, strategy, and performance in any organization. It provides a measurement system that can enhance firm's performance and maximize the overall quality of human capital.

The Practical Guide to HR Analytics by J.M. Rachael, S. D. Waters, V. N. Streets, L. McFarlane provides a practical approach to using data to solve real HR challenges in organizations. Because need for HR professionals to understand and apply data analytics is greater than ever in current Artificial Intelligence and Data Science driven era.

HR Disrupted by Lucy Adams gives a radically different approach to start treating employees as adults, as consumers or customers and as human beings.

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