About Us

ImpactInsta is on a mission to make skill assessment as simple as possible. Our vision is to help companies identify and hire right talent with right skills for their job roles.

ImpactInsta offers A.I. powered SaaS (software-as-a-service) which uses data analytics, conversational algorithms, and cutting-edge machine learning techniques to check candidate's problem solving skills, conceptual understanding, knowledge, aptitude, and much more.

Our software does job description analysis, which is a process through which our A.I. converts the job description of a position into an objective list of skills and competencies that a candidate must posses to be successful in the job role at a company. For building this, we have analyzed thousands of job descriptions, have talked to hundreds of recruiters, have closely monitored hundreds of interviews at various companies, ranging from small startups to large scale corporations to improve our SaaS product.

Our product helps companies identify and hire best talent, along with cut down on time, money and efforts spent on the hiring process.

Our team consists of people having 10 to 20 years of experience working in medium to large corporations, early-stage startups, and using cutting edge technologies to solve complex problems.

Reach out to us: contact@impactinsta.com

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