ReactJS Developer Skills Assessment

Use A.I. to look into candidates' mindset
to hire right talent, with right skills for your team


Does hiring look like this?

The majority of job applicants are not worth interviewing
Resumes are not a true reflection of a candidate's actual skills
Resume based screening and filtering is a time-consuming process
Checking problem-solving skills of candidates is very difficult
Broken hiring process (job boards, emails, calls, interview time sync)
Remote & freelance hiring is in trend, but an inefficient process
Hiring the right talent can take weeks, if not months


1-Click Hiring Process

Trust Skills, Not Resume

Check Problem Solving Skills


To help you find if a candidate is right fit for your company, we offer a set of tools like

Candidate Skill Analytics

Our A.I. tracks candidate's performance and provides advanced analytics for hiring decisions

15+ analytics metrics like decision making, smart choices, situational awareness, confusion level, conceptual understanding, comparative scores and so on

Go beyond tricky memory testing to identify candidate's actual skills using our assessment tests

Readymade Tests Library

Pick from 100s of ready-to-use technical, non-technical skills and personality assessment tests

These tests are tailor-made for specific job descriptions and prepared by our experts

Example: Android Developer -> 2 Years Experience -> Skills: Java, Kotlin, Firebase Auth APIs, GPS Tracking, Coroutine Dispatcher, Git, Auth, etc

Various Test Formats

Conversational tests for thought analysis

MCQs quiz based tests to check basic skills

Assignment based tests to check practical skills

Video interview tests to check communication skills

1-Click Hiring Process

Create tests yourself or buy from library

Invite and notify candidates automatically

Easily integrate, automate all steps together

Reduce hiring time from weeks to just few days

Feedback & Rewards To Build Brand

Candidates dislike it when companies reject without a reason, or ignore their efforts even after they spent time doing tests and interviews

Send rewards like coupon codes, goodies, etc to candidates who perform well in your tests

We also send personalized feedback, skill up-gradation recommendations to rejected candidates

Personalized feedback & rewards help you build your company brand among top talent

Tests That Make Everyone Happy

Conduct tests effortlessly in lesser time to identify right skills, so that both companies and candidates can save lots of time and efforts

Our tests are not unnecessary tricky, brain-teasers or rote-learning types that candidates dislike and avoid

Companies get advanced skill analytics, and candidates get feedback and rewards for each test

Invite anyone from anywhere using our dashboard to speed up skill assessment and hiring

Why do candidates love our assessment tests?

Interactive & Engaging

Our tests are interactive, feels like a one-to-one conversation with relevant hints, tips to bring the best out of candidates

Thought Analysis

Our A.I. tries to analyze candidate's thought process, decision making, choice considerations which feels like fun

Anytime, Anywhere

Candidates can give tests anytime, from anywhere and no need to find time and fix schedules or meetings with hiring companies

Rewards & Feedback

Candidates receive personalized feedback on their performance and companies can automatically reward for taking tests


candidates more likely to attempt


candidates find our process better

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ImpactInsta is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) for recruitment, which focuses on matching the right candidates with the right companies for the right opportunities.
Our SaaS provides a set of tools for 1-click hiring, various tests formats like conversational tests, assignment tests, quiz tests, video-interview tests, etc. and much more. It generates candidate skill analytics for each test attempt for you to make better hiring decisions.

We believe that if a candidate can solve real-life problems or challenges that the company deals with on day to day basis, that is the right fit for the company, instead of what is mentioned in the resume or skillset list.

We use unique conversational A.I., trained algorithms, data analytics, etc to identify right skills in candidates for respective job roles.

Our experts prepare job role-specific (skills, experience level, knowledge expectations) interview material in form of screening tests questions, contextual thought analysis problem statements, and video interview questions.

This is available as library of tests, where you can easily pick a test and start testing candidates immediately.

We try to peak into and analyze candidates' thoughts, problem-solving aptitude, decision-making process and real-life knowledge, etc to find if the candidate is a right fit for your company's day-to-day job role.

We use a customized conversational A.I. for this, where the A.I. tries to chat with candidates, offer them situations, gives them choices to make, asks contextual questions, etc and tries to analyze their thought process

From candidates perspective, it hurts to get rejected from jobs. So, we want to help candidates improve their skills, have knowledge about changing industry demand, so that they can upgrade themselves for upcoming roles.

Ghosting candidates after receiving job applications, endlessly waiting for a response from companies, being ignored by recruiters even after taking interview tests are sad realities of the hiring industry. It hurts both candidates as well as companies' brand.

We allow sending rewards, gifts to candidates who performed well but could not get hired. It helps you improve your company brand.

Yes, you can use our tools for FREE to test up to 50 candidates. You can create your own tests, questions to check candidates.

However, our ready-made tests from tests library are paid only, and not available for free.